Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blue On The Beach

Shades! Beaches! Light nights! Swimming Costumes! These are all summer time things that are crashing back in like the waves! This outfit definately fits in with all those categories. The brilliant navy blue tankini is most difinately fashionable! To keep the plain side away, on the bottom half is some silver metal loops- these blend in well. The elbow high bracelet is so pretty and adds more shine to this outfit. As practically everyone knows, summer is a time for shades, these ones are simply the best! The earings match in well with the models hair.


Colourful Dream

This outfit is beautifully out of this world. It's deep colours are so pretty, I bet you are finding it hard to take your eyes off them. The huge yellow head gear is perfect and matches in almost like magic with the rest of the outfit! You can tell that the material is not just made from any fabric. The model wears this well.


Friday, 25 June 2010

Shocking Stripes

Stripes are becoming seriously popular. This design has deeper colours which means that for the best effect try it on a very pale skinned person. If you're looking for a way to just blend in then darker skin is your first step. Higher waistbands look totally pretty-especially black ones! This dress is beautiful, but not too high on the bling-perfect for anytime wear!


Sweet In Silver

Do you have any idea how many different things you can do with just one colour? No? Well now you do! Silver looks much better with a good sun tan. The outfit is tight to the models body, but because her hair is down it still looks presentable. This outfit is extremely useful as daytime or evening wear and looks wonderful with bear arms and legs. The shoes are divine and would most definately be so mething to envy.

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written by : Ah-Mazinq-Chiqa

Cool 'N' Casual

For the ultimate dark but totally fashionable look, check this out! Hoods are splendid for a more cool dude look. Grey netted skirts are splendid if you want to look a little more formal. Also, hoodies without sleeves are much better for summer time as they keep us cool but still tremendously fashionable.

PerfectionMag Official (c)

Writer ; Ah-Mazinq-Chiqa

Perfection Prom

It's prom season. It's summer season. All those paler colours which have been hidden away in the wardrobe are finally coming back in! Here we have the perfect summer time prom or evening dress. Guranteed to look wonderful on any lady, this beautiful pale yellow dress screams beauty.

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Writer ~ Ah-Mazinq-Chiqa